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3D puzzles are three-dimensional puzzles for the whole family


The first puzzles made of wood were made in Europe in the 1760s and were initially just maps cut into small pieces that fit together. Accredited by John Spilsbury, engraver and map maker, this invention was intended to create a fun way for children to learn geography. Since then, puzzles have come a long way before reaching a wide audience.

Wooden puzzles in 3D are now available to everyone. Wooden puzzles are not only fun and entertaining, but also educational, they amuse both children and adults.

Toys began to serve education, and it is a natural process that began as soon as our ancestors realized that a hands-on approach to teaching children about our society and the world around us would be easier to implement through play.

The key advantage of the educational toy is that in an age where technology is radically changing our lifestyle, the pace of our lives is accelerating and we are increasingly jumping from one issue to another due to the constant pressure to filter the endless flow of data, we need something that we can use. focus for a little longer and help our brain take a break. And if a break for our body means inactivity in most cases, it can't be good for our brain. Popular research shows that puzzles have a significant impact on a child's developing brain, have a positive effect on IQ levels and develop problem-solving skills. In adults, they also develop memory and deductive processes, contribute to the delay in the development of dementia and Alzheimer's disease. In addition, puzzles have been found to have beneficial effects in reducing stress and improving overall mood.

Each 3D wooden puzzle is made of high-quality 100% natural plywood. Elegant shapes and precise workmanship are characteristic elements of each toy, and the delicate texture and wonderful aroma of wood fill the room when the package is opened.

Most importantly, the fun doesn't stop when the puzzle is completed. Unlike regular puzzles, wooden 3D models are very compact and can be easily moved from place to place and even taken outside to the park or to a board game night at a friend's house as a game accessory.

When assembled, the 3D puzzle looks stylish and designer, making it easy to use as a room decor element in your home or office. These elegant sets cover a variety of themes including transportation, buildings, animals, fantasy, and more. There are many collections of varying complexity to choose from, and therefore also different in terms of the level of complexity of folding.

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